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"Masses use the internet, but only a few master the art of using its absolute power, by taming it. Make us your e-partner and make a difference"

Design Studio
Few websites are artistic masterpieces. And the main focus is on presenting the concept in that very manner. Such websites are designed in our design studio. It takes a lot of creative energy and a different kind of plane to come out with somethings like these.
Take a look for yourself...
  Design Studio
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Techtonics Inc.

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  Contextual Marketing

Do you wish there were a way to reach prospective clients at the very moment they showed an interest in your product? Wouldn't it be great if a marketing campaign was able to adjust to an individual user's habits? How would your marketing strategy change if you knew that campaigns would learn and adjust themselves according to effectiveness — without your intervention — right down to the individual user?

Techtonics Inc.'s online marketing services deliver all these features and more. Leveraging cutting edge technology and market-leading research, we provide provide marketing and targeting potential second to none, taking contextual marketing to a new level.

What is Contextual Marketing?
Contextual marketing enables advertisers to target consumers with advertisements relevant to the content they're viewing. What better time to promote a product or service to a user than when the user is looking for exactly that item?

Google's AdSense is the Internet's most popular contextual advertisement system. But their system, like most, can reach technical limitations that occasionally reduce the effectiveness of your campaign to an advanced guessing game.

The experts at Techtonics Inc. eliminate this guessing, offering our clients an ultra-targeted approach. We've been developing powerful contextual marketing technologies for years, having time and again been proven effective in determining the success of our campaigns, and optimizing them to bring clients higher quality visitors and greater conversion rates.

Contextual Marketing That's Ultra Precise
Our proprietary technology offers contextual marketers powerful benefits, including:

  • Automatic Campaign Adjustments. Detect when advertising on one site is outperforming another, and advertise only on those sites that meet and exceed your ROI expectations.
  • Treat Campaigns, Sites & Users as Individuals. Capitalize on individual relationships, ensuring a successful ROI. Learn and adjust to individual user's habits, maximizing your response ratio and generating repeat business.
  • Automatic Campaign Creation. Save time by creating a marketing campaign based on a template developed for your unique needs.
  • Support for CPC, CPL, CPM, & CPS Campaigns. Unlike other contextual marketing providers, we already know how to take advantage of numerous advertisement types, allowing you to mix styles within an ad block.
  • Multiple Optimization Options. Our system automatically adjusts campaign optimization efforts based on your marketing objectives.
  • Contextual Advertising as a Foundation, Not a Solution. Starting with contextual marketing, our system self-adjusts for best results per location, and to individual users' exhibited interests.
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