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"Masses use the internet, but only a few master the art of using its absolute power, by taming it. Make us your e-partner and make a difference"

Design Studio
Few websites are artistic masterpieces. And the main focus is on presenting the concept in that very manner. Such websites are designed in our design studio. It takes a lot of creative energy and a different kind of plane to come out with somethings like these.
Take a look for yourself...
  Design Studio
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Kushal Thakur
Techtonics Inc.

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  Social Media Marketing

The explosive popularity of blogs and social media has resulted in the sharing of millions of thoughts and opinions everyday. It can be difficult at first to comprehend the extraordinary marketing potential of this new culture, yet in today's speed-of-thought online marketing world, its significance can't be overrated.

Let Techtonics Inc. help you unlock the tremendous marketing power of social media. Present your company's products and services directly to those people most interested in them, in the places they gather most, including MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Wikipedia, YouTube, LiveJournal and others.

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